We do not like to define ourselves as an agency, and “it does not suit us”. Considering YiTon activity only for flat rentals takes away some of its value.

First of all, YiTon is a team of skilled professionals that help both owners to turn a flat into a secure income, and tenants to find a reliable support to discover a new town.


Do you want to rent out a flat? We will return it to you in the same conditions as it was provided.

Whether it is a studio, a big flat or a group of flats, YiTon allows you to rent out your property and forget about the needs of tenants or the conditions it will be at the end of the contract. We ensure the good condition of your properties! Only at the end of the rental period, you will discover what we can offer.


Are you looking for a home? Let us guide and show you the town you would like to live in.

We go beyond the real estate negotiation, and that is why we do not like to be considered as estate agents only. You can discover our main plus only after you meet us: we will show you strong and weak points of the area you are going to invest in, how to move around, and why an area best suits your needs than others. You can count on us in every moment of your stay.


Discover all the guarantees we can offer to you.



We help you to find a home in a new town.